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Hi everyone. First of all I would like to introduce myself I am Mia Guatche Quitalig 21 years old from Iloilo Science and Technology University. A woman with a goal in her life. Being a student teacher is not easy. But, as I go on in this process I should rather be ready for the various tasks ahead of me. Because teachers serve many role in the classroom. Teachers set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, become role models, and listen and look for signs of trouble. The most common role a teacher plays in the classroom is to teach knowledge to students.

Adapting to a new set of learning environment while staying true to your own sense of self is never easy. For me I should rather accept the fact that I will be staying in this new learning environment for almost 1 month. I think I should learn as much as I can about this new environment in advance. Because people go through various phases of adjustments when moving to a new learning environment.

In this case, I feel a little bit nervous but also excited. But I believe that this process would meld me in becoming a future teacher.

It’ll grants me to experience in the actual teaching. I am going to explore the experiences of student teacher’s last year. This moment is an important component of becoming one of a future Educator.


Before I start in my weekly blog about my observation week and practice teaching week I want to introduce my receiving university which is the Universitas Lambung Mangkurat in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Attach here, is their school booklet.

Table of content
Opening 4. Universitas Lambung Mangkurat
4 5. International Office of ULM
6. Liaison Officers
Brief introduction about ULM, 9. Rundown
International Office of ULM, 13. Picture of Dayak Tribe
Waht is Sea Teacher Project 14. SEAMEO SEATECHER
15. Sea Teacher at ULM
16. Photo
Banjarmasin 17. Banjarmasin
17 18. Tourism Attraction
20. Duta Mall
About Banjarmasin, common 21. Weather Forecast expressions, food must try, tour- 22. Souvenir Shop ism attraction, money changer, 23. Church worship place, and souvenir. 24. Food Must Try

Emergency 26
Order online transportation, 24 hours hospital and pharmacy, money changer, common expressions, and emergency calls.
26. Online Transportation
28. 24 hours hospital and Pharmacy
29. Money Changer
30. Common Expressions
31. Emergency Calls

Lambung Mangkurat
Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) is conveniently located in North Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. It is the oldest and biggest university in Kalimantan, and one of the precious universities which becomes a society’s pride university in South Kalimantan. ULM has two campuses. One is in Banjarmasin, and the other one is in Banjarbaru. The campus in Banjarmasin is only 10 minutes from the downtown, and around 45 minutes from Syamsuddin Noor Airport. Another campus, which is located in Banjarbaru, is only 15 minutes from Syamsudin Noor Airport. ULM has the vision to be a leading and competitive university in wetland environment.
Currently, Lambung Mangkurat University has:
– 11 Faculties
– 64 Undergraduate Programs (61 Bachelor’s Degree (S1) and 3 – three- year-diploma (D3)
– 24 Post-Graduate Programs (23 Master’s and 1 Doctoral Program)
– 5 Profession Program and 3 Specialist Program
– 992 Lecturers
– 33694 Students – 4 International Students
There are eleven faculties:
-Faculty of Teacher Training and Education -Faculty of Engineering
-Faculty of Social and Social and Political -Faculty of Forestry
-Science -Faculty of Agriculture
-Faculty of Law -Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sci-
-Faculty of Economic and Business ences
-Medical Faculty -Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
-The Faculty of Dentistry

SEA-Teacher Project
In October 2014, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education through the SEAMEO to work together to improve the quality of education in Southeast Asia. “Revitalizing Teacher Education” is one of the priority areas in achieving quality education for the region. In order to fulfil this mandate, the SEAMEO Secretariat has embarked on a project titled, “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia (SEA-Teacher Project)”. The project aims to provide opportunity for pre-service student teachers (hereafter “students”) from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.

SEA-Teacher project opens for students whose major are in area of teaching English, math, science and pre-school. The programme takes place twice a year in January and July. Each batch lasts one month period. English is used in all activities relating to the teaching activities. Students’ roles and responsibilities are assigned weekly during the one month practicum as indicates below.
1st week – Class observation
2nd week – Teaching assistant
3rd week – Teaching in classroom
4th week – Reflection and lesson learned
The Objective of the Project
1. To enable the students to develop their teaching skills and pedagogy.
2. To encourage the students to practive their English skills.
3. To allow the students to gain a broader regional and world view.

A City of Thousand Rivers
Banjarmasin is known as “River City” also called as Bandjermasin or
Bandjarmasin, Chinese: ; pinyin: . It is the capital of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is the biggest and the densest city in Kalimantan. This city is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia and outside of Java Island. The width of this city is around 72 km2 which the area is divided into delta or islands that are consisted of 25 island—Tatas Island, Kelayan, Rantauan Keliling Island, Insane Iisland, atc. Pointed out of the BPS data of Banjarmsin in 2015, Banjarmasin has estimated population around 722,357 with density around 7,300/km2 (19,000/sq mi). Banjarese language is the regional language that spread out and being used in the widest area in indonesia (267.884 km2, around two times of Java Island). it is covering the whole range of South kalimantan, central kalimantan (it is being lingua franca among the subethnich of Dayak), and a half of west kalimantan. the language is not merely spoken by civilan of borneo island but also by other people from different island, like as Tembilahan (Riau), Kuala Tungkal (Jambi), and some of urban or rural areas in the east coast of sumatra. the banjarese language is the archaic of Malay, which has a lot of similarities with kutai and brunei/kedayan language. it is also has resemblance terminalogy with javanese, sundanese, minang, dayak ngaju, etc.
Source: http://www.indonesia.travel
Lok Baintan Floating Market Banjarmasin
This is one of the highlights and the most popular destination in Banjarmasin. Located at the Sungai Pinang Village, Kecamatan Sungai Tabuk, this floating market was established in the Banjar Sultanate era. Alongside the banks of the Martapura River, you can see a convoy of colorful boats floating, where most of the traders, who are mostly women, wear traditional head covers, called tanggui, – ply a all sorts of goods from groceries, household equipment, hot meals to aromatic hot coffee in the morning.
Banjarmasin Sultan Suriansyah Mosque
Located on the banks of the Kuin River, the Sultan Suriansyah Mosque is a popular destination for those who are interested in religious travel. This is the oldest mosque in South Kalimantan, built about 300 years ago, during the reign of Sultan Suriansyah, the first Banjar King to have converted to Islam. Influenced by Banjar’s pre-Islamic architecture, the layered roof of the mosque is very unique and distinguishes it from other mosques in Banjarmasin.
Observation Tower Banjarmasin
One of the latest addition to travel destinations in Banjarmasin, is a 21-meters high and four levels building of the observation tower located in the heart of Banjarmasin city. From the top of the observation deck, you can see the Martapura River coursing around the city, as well as the big statue of a Bekantan proboscis monkey. It is a well-designed masterpiece, where safety has always been of top priority, including for children and family.
Banjarmasin Kembang Island
Flower Island is an island in the middle of the Barito River. This tourist spot is a habitat of monkeys and several types of birds. According to residents, in this island there is a big monkey is the monkey king. The monkeys are often curious and wanted to see what you are carrying. Should bring snacks or fruit to distract them from your bag. Interestingly, on this island there is a temple and altar with statues of the monkey-shaped white or Hanoman. This altar, by the Chinese people, used to put offerings at certain moments.

Banjarmasin Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque
Sabilal Muhtadin mosque called the largest mosque in London. Mosque with five towers is able to accommodate up to 15,000 worshipers. Its name is derived from the name of the book written by Sheikh Muhammad Al Banjary Arsyad which is a great scholar in South Kalimantan. The mosque, which was built in 1981 has become one of the religious tourist spot visited by many tourists both from within and from outside the city.
Taman Hutan Raya Mandiangin Banjarbaru
This forest park is located on a foothill of Mandiangin. Entering the area, there is a junction. If we turn left, there is a public park with children playground, some wild animals such as deers, monkeys etc. If we turn right there is an old pool as Dutch heritage. From this location, we can start climbing the hill and entering the forest. Please be sure to wear sport shoes when climbing the hill in the forest for the tracks are slippery either when wet nor dry.
Banjarbaru Pinus Island
These islands are located in a lake. The famous island are Pinus 1, Pinus 2 and Sirang. Pinus means pines, so there are many pine trees there. But for Sirang Island, there are only 2 big trees while the island is so low that it will disappear in rainy season when the water rise. With the size of the island about 1 hectare, not much can be done. But with the limited size, the island is filled with pine trees that grow quite neat so there is space that can be used for activities together.
Matang Kaladan Hill Banjarbaru
It has a nice view of islands in Riam Kanan dam. A little bit similar with Raja Ampat. Short 30 mins trekking from Aranio village. It has camping ground too but you have to bring your own equipment and be aware in rainy day. You can reach this place from Banjarbaru through Riam Kanan until at the end you can reach Aranio Village. Just follow the main road to “puncak”, park your motorbike or car in villagers house (IDR 5k/motorbike), trekking in rubber trees farm up to the hill.

Online Transportation
Commonly, there are 2 online transportion, Gojek and Grab which can be easily used to go anywhere we want or buy foods. Also, we can choose kind of transportion such as bike, car or bluebird through these online transportasion. Here are the instruction how to order online transporation from Gojek and Grab.
How to Install Grab
1. Go to Playstore or Appstore and type “Grab”
2. Install Grab on your gadget.
3. Open Grab as it has been installed.
4. Do the registration by adding your phone number or using your Facebook or Google account.
5. Enter your phone number.
6. Add the password which has been sent to your phone number.
7. If you find the question such as “Izinkan Grab untuk gunakan informasi lokasi dari perangkat ini?” means “Allow Grab to use location of information from this device?” the choose “Izinkan” means “Allow” to let the Grab access your location.
How to Order Grab
1. First, you will see the menu. Choose your choice that you want such as Transportasi (Transportation), Makanan (Foods), or Kurir (Courir).
2. For example, if you want to use transportation. Choose “Transportasi”. Then insert your destinantion. You can choose type of transportation by selecting to GrabCar or GrabBike.
3. Then select “Pesan” means “Order”.
4. Wait for the process of your order.
5. Then, get and track your driver.
How to Order Grab Food
1. See the main menu from Grab.
2. Choose “Makanan” means “Food”3. Select your restaurant.
4. Select your food.
5. Get your food delivery rider.
How to Install GO-JEK
1. Find GO-JEK through PlayStore or AppStore and install it.
2. Open GO-JEK
3. If you find the question “Izinkan GO-JEK untuk kirim dan lihat pesan SMS?” means “Allow GO-JEK to send and look at message SMS?” and then choose “IZINKAN” means “Allow”.
4. After that, we have to do registration. There are 2 kind of registrations. The first one through your mobile phone number and the second from your Facebook account. You can choose one of them.
5. Then, you will be asked to send verification code through message which will be sent to your message (SMS).
6. Next, you will be offered to choose your wish of GO-JEK choices. You can choose GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, GO-BLUEBIRD and GO-FOOD as your favorite or you just can skip this.
7. Main menu will appear and you can choose any choices that you want.
How to Order GO-JEK (Bike or Car)
1. Choose GO-RIDE if you want to go by Motorcycle or choose GO-CAR if you want to go by car.
2. If you find “Izinkan GO-JEK untuk gunakan informasi lokasi dari perangkat ini?” means “Allow GO-JEK to use information location from this device?” and you have to choose “IZINKAN” means “Allow” to allow GO-JEK access your location.
3. Then, you will find this offer “Mau ke mana hari ini?” means “Where do you want to go today?” and you can type your destination inside the box “Cari lokasi tujuan” means “Find the destinantion location”.
4. For example, you can type “Duta Mall”
5. Then, automatically the application will show you type of transportation (GO-RIDE/GO-CAR), your location (LOKASI JEMPUT), your destinantion (LOKASI TUJUAN) and the price of your order if you pay it cash (TUNAI).
6. GO-JEK will find the driver for you.
7. Next, you will see the driver information. After that, the driver will call and pick you up.
How to Order GO-FOOD
1. Choose GO-FOOD to order any foods that you want.
2. Choose type of food that you like.
3. Choose “Tambah” means “Add” to your food.
4. Then, the details of your order will appear such as the price, address and payment details of your order. After that, choose “Pesan” means “Order”.
5. Next, you will see the driver information. After that, the driver will call you.
24 Hours Hospital and Pharmacy
1. Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Ulin
JL A.Yani No.43, Sungai Baru, Banjarmasin Tengah, Banjarmasin 70233 0511-3252229

2. Sari Mulia Hospital
Jl Pangeran Antasari No.139, Sungai Baru, Banjarmasin Tengah 70233 0511-3252570
3. Rumah Sakit Umum Suaka Insan
Jl H. Zafri Zam-Zam No. 60 Belitung Selatan, Banjaramsin 70124 0511-3353335
4. Ciputra Mitra Hospital
Komplek Citra Land Jl A.Yani Km.7,8 Banjarmasin Selatan 70654 0511-6743999
5. Islamic Hospital Banjarmasin
Jl Letjen S. Parman, Gg.Purnama No.88 Pasar Lama, Banjarmasin Tengah 70115 0511-3354896
6. Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital
Jl Brigjen H. Hasan Basri No. 1 Alalak Utara , Banjarmasin Utara 70125 0511-6710000
1. Apotek Kimia Farma No. 188 Kesdam
Let. Jend. S. Parman Street Number. 01, Pasar Lama, Banjarmasin Tengah.
(+62 511 4413807) 2. Apotek Kimia Farma Cempaka Besar
Cempaka Besar Street. Number 18, Mawar, Banjarmasin Tengah.
(+62 511 3366087) 3. Apotek Kimia Farma Belitung
Belitung Darat Street. Number 38, Kuin Cerucuk, Banjarmasin Barat.
(+62 511 4321526)
*PS: Arranged based on the nearest distance from your hotel, Mercure Banjarmasin

And now the school where I was being deployed is SMP 1 Negeri Banjarmasin. But before I start sharing my experiences, here is the school profile of my center.

YEAR 2017/2018 STUDY

1. Name of School : SMPN 1 Banjarmasin
2. Name Principal : Drs. H. Gt. Khairurrahman, M.Pd
3. NSS / NPSN : 201156002001/30304177
4. Land : 5.305m 2
5. Year Established : 1927
6. Study : SMP (Junior High School)
7. Status : Country
8. Address : Jalan Batu Tiban No. 23 Complex
9. City : Banjarmasin
10. Telephone / Faximil : (0511) 3353581 / (0511) 3353776
11. Address Website :-
12. E-mail : smpn1banjarmasin@gmail.com
13. School : Urban
14. School Conditions : The number of classes: 27 classes
15. Type of School : A

Vision, Mission, and Goals Schools
A. vision
“Noble, Intelligent And Competitive In The Quality And Cultured
Environment “.
1. The realization of a human being who is able to apply religious values in life.
2. The realization of the competence of graduates who are intelligent, competent and competitive insight global.
3. The realization of the school development environment cultured according to the value and the character of the nation.

B. Mission
1. Develop the potential of students to apply religious values in life.
2. Develop and implement a process of active learning, innovative, creative, effective and fun global perspective.
3. Providing educational services as well as increased commitment to the school community functions and duties.
4. Build and develop competence of learners with spirit achieving a competitive basis in the field of academic and non-academic.
5. Availability of educators who have the competence and qualification.
6. Foster a culture of love the environment so as to create learning and working conditions comfortable and productive for the school community.

C. Aim
The objectives as follows:
1. The realization of the school community to behave in accordance with religious values and the prevailing culture of life.
2. The realization of a wide range of innovative learning model with various strategies ICT-based learning that is active, creative, effective and fun.
3. Realization of achievement in academic and non academic fields marked with won the championship in competitions at national and international.
4. The realization of a complete infrastructure to provide education services adequate.
5. Having educators who have the competence and qualifications according to their competencies, through various activities: MGMPs, Seminars, Workshops,Workshop etc.
6. Implement management development, human resource management, learning, means infrastructure, curriculum, assessment, student affairs and administration of schools that have characteristics of School Based Management (SBM), namely: independence, openness, accountability, stakeholder participation, flexibility, and sustainability.
7. The realization of the school development environment cultured according to the value and a national character to support the achievement of the quality of education by:
a. Realizing clean living habits, competitions hygiene and health.
b. Menciptaan cultured environment, beautiful, sustainable and beautiful.
c. Creating a culture of manners.
d. Realizing cooperation with other institutions in the development of culture environment
D. evelopment of students :
Class 2015/2016
2016/2017 2017/2018
M F Amount M F Amount M F Amount
VII 137 159 295 140 162 302
VIII 151 179 330 135 153 288
IX 111 157 268 127 152 279
Amount 399 494 893 402 466 869
The Number Of The Class 27 27 27
Graduation 100% 100% 100%

E. value USBN

Year Of Learning Math Indonesian Science Social Science Nationality English Average
2015/2016 – – – – – – –
2016/2017 83.70 88,89 91,56 79,34 90,75 88,35 84,70
2017/2018 84,82 91,56 81,35 88,21 85,07 87,98 86,50

F. value UNBK

Year Of Learning Indonesian English Math Science Average Amount Rating City
2015/2016 71,89 79,84 64,97 64,08 70,20 280,78 –
2016/2017 85,40 69,4 63,92 64,46 70,80 283,18 –
2017/2018 81,26 77,54 65,30 62,92 71,75 287,01 2

G. Educators condition Year 2017/2018

Diploma Supreme Amount Amount
Permanent Teacher Teachers Variable
Male Female Male Female
S3 – – – – –
S2 9 3 – – 12
S1 11 1 1 6 33

Senior High School – – – – –
– – – – –
Amount 20 4 1 6 45

H. Condition of Education Personnel

Number Data Of Administration Stage Information
Junior High School Senior High School D3 S1 Amount
1 – 6 2 2 10

I. Means

Room Amount
Principal’s Office 1
The Vice Head Master Chamber
Teacher’s Room 1
Administration Room 1
Worship Space / Mosque 1
Science Laboratory 2
Language Laboratory 1
Multimedia Room 1
Music Room 1
Changing Room 1
Hall 1

Room amount
Computer Room
Space Internet
Library Room 1
Bk Lounge 1
Space Skills 1
The Student Council Room 1
Multipurpose Building 1
Students Cooperative Space
Canteen 1
Space Engineers 1
Space Scurity 2
Toilet 19

1). BOOK

Books / Class Type Text Support
VII Islamic Education 350 1 Title 50 Ex
Science Semester 1 350 1 Title 50 Ex
Science Semester 2 350
Mathematics Semester 1 350 1 Title 50 Ex
Mathematics Semester 2 350
Indonesian 350 1 Title 50 Ex
English 350 1 Title 50 Ex
Social science 350 1 Title 50 Ex
Nationality 350 1 Title 50 Ex
Art And Culture 350
A Craft Semester 1 300
A Craft Semester 2 300
Pend Physical & Sports 350
Education Koran 350

VIII Islamic Education 300 1 Title 50 Ex
Science Semester 1 300 1 Title 50 Ex
Science Semester 2 300
Mathematics Semester 1 300 1 Title 50 Ex
Mathematics Semester 2 300
Indonesian 300 1 Title 50 Ex
English 300 1 Title 50 Ex
Social Science 300 1 Title 50 Ex
Nationality 300 1 Title 50 Ex
Art And Culture 300
A Craft Semester 1 300

A craft Semester 2 300
Education Koran 300
Pend.Jasmani & Sports 300
XII Islamic education 266
IPA Semester 1 271 1 Title 100 ex
Science Semester 2 273
Mathematics Semester 1 272 1 Title 100 ex
Mathematics Semester 2 272
Bhs. Indonesia 272 1 Title 100 ex
Bhs. English 272 1 Title 100 ex
IPS 272
PPKn 272
Art and culture 272
A craft Semester 1 272
A craft Semester 2 272
Education Koran 310
Pend.Jasmani & Sports 272

Reading books
000 (Public Works) : 35 titles 105 ex
100 (Philosophy and Psychology : 8 title 20 ex
200 (RELIGION) : 303 Title 1,515 ex
300 (Social Sciences) : 397 3665 ex 400 title
(English) : 113 ex 555 title
500 (Natural Sciences & Mathematics : 298 Title: 1490 ex 600
(Technology & Applied Science) : 313 heading 2191 ex 700 (Arts,
Entertainment & Sports) : 188 title 940 ex 800 (Literature): 185 title 920
ex 900 (Geography and History ): 108 title 540 ex REFERENCE: 87
titles 709 copies

2). Viewer Tool / Media

No Type Unit Total
1 KIT IPA Unit 20
2 Torso Unit 4
3 Mikroscope students pieces 18
4 Mikroscope 2 lenses Fruit 2 Pieces 2
5 digital Mikroscope Pieces 5
6 Eye Model Unit 2
7 Ear Model Unit 2
8 lung Model Unit 1
9 Kidney Model Unit 3
10 Heart Model Unit 1
11 Brain model Unit 2

No Type Unit Total
12 Human Frame U pieces 2
13 Beaker pieces 51
14 Glass funnel pieces 12
15 Scale pieces 5
16 hydrometer pieces 10
17 Eleymenyer unit 36
18 Stative pieces 3
19 Charta unit 20
20 Bunsen pieces 10
21 Thermometer unit 10
22 quadrant pieces 5

3) ICT ( Information, Communications, Technology)

No Type Unit Total
1. Electricity Watt 1
2. Telephone Unit 1
3. Faxmile Unit 1
4. Computer Unit 115
5. Printer Unit 10
6. TV Unit 6
7. Laptop Unit 6
8. Camera Unit 1
9. Modem Unit 1
10. Scanner Unit 2
11. Internet Unit 2
12. CCTV Unit 6
13. Copy Machine Unit 2
14. Riso Machine Unit 2

K. Parents’ condition
1). Employment background of parents

Class Government Employment National Army/ Police private Farmer Seller fisherman others Total
VII 38% 6% 22,5% 0% 23% 0% 10,5% 100%
VIII 35% 7,5% 28,5% 0% 20% 0% 9% 100%
IX 40% 5% 25% 0% 25% 0% 5% 100%

2). The educational background of parents

Class Elementary Junior high school Senior high school collage Total
VII 0% 5% 40% 40% 15% 100%
VIII 0% 5% 25% 50% 20% 100%
IX 0% 7% 27% 26% 22% 100%

3). Background incomes of families per year in millions of rupiah

Class <2,5 2,5-5 5,7,5 7,5-10 10-15 >15 Total
VII 11% 40% 20% 20% 7% 3% 100%
VIII 5% 60% 10% 15% 8% 2% 100%
IX 8% 50% 15% 10% 12% 2% 100%

4). Repeat Rates Class

Class Class VII Class VIII Class IX
Amount Information
2015/2016 – – – – –
2016/2017 – – – – –
2017/2018 – – – – –

L. Achievements obtained in the last 3 years

No Type Of Competition Ranking Year Level Implementer Name Of Participant
1. Competition tahfidz Qur’an juz 30 3 2016 city Madrasah Aliyah plus al-hamid banjarmasin Sayed Muhammad yusuf VII A
2. Futsal competition sensasi SMASIX 36 Motion between SMP/MTs 2 2016 city SMA 6 Banjarmasin (Team)
3. Basket Ball STIE Cup 3 2016 province STIE Banjarmasin (Team)
4. O2SN 2 2016 City The education office of the city Nugrohoning Gesang VII C
5. Futsal 4 2016 City Banjarmasin City Government (Team)
6. Anniversary of SMAN 4 Banjarmasin Futsal 4 2016 City SMAN 4 Banjarmasin (Team)
7. Garuda Cup Futsal 3 2016 Province Garuda Futsal (Team)
8. Milo National Circuit Badminton Men’s Doubles Championship 2 2016 Province PBSI NILO Zacky, dimas surya
9. CB Meteor Rac Part 2 Level Junior High School Level Equals 3 2016 Province SMA PGRI 2 Banjarmasin (Team)
10. Futsal Competition Of Skengha Part 2 Junior High School Level 2 2016 City SMKN 3 Banjarmasin (Team)
11. Wide Game Competition Level Junior Haigh School 2 2016 City MTs Mulawarman (Team)
12. Trace The Footsteps Of Young Female Heroes 3 2016 City kWARCAB (Team)
13. PBB Competition 3 2016 Province SMAN 7 Banjarmasin (Team)
14. PMR P3K Competition 2 2016 City SMKN 3 Banjarmasin (Team)
15. PMR Drama Competition 2 2016 City SMKN 3 Banjarmasin (Team)
16. Drawing Competition Level Junior High School 1 2016 City PDAM Banjarmasin Noor Aida
17. Drawing Competition Level Junior High School 2 2016 City PDAM Banjarmasin Ekhasati, A VII B
18. FLS2N 1 2016 City The education office of the city Nur Rizkina Yunita
19. FLS2N 1 2016 City The education office of the city M. Aqil Athaillah
20. FLS2N 3 2016 City The education office of the city Salsabila Azzahra
21. FLS2N 3 2016 City The education office of the city Karin Ivan
22. FLS2N 2 2016 City The education office of the city Ekhasanti Enjelika
23. FLS2N 2 2016 City The education office of the city Andra Berli
24. FLS2N 1 2016 City The education office of the city Vicentia Denada, Marta juliani, Yevanie Pertiwi, Andini Aulia, Iqlima rahmalika
25. Drawing competition 1 2016 City PMI Banjarmasin City Ekhasanti Enjelika
26. Drawing competition 1 2016 Province PU Province Ekhasanti Enjelika
27. Singing Contest Level Junior High School 1 2016 City MGMP Junior High School Banjarmasin city Adzana Yeliza Jelita
28. Speech competition 1 2016 Province Provincial Ministry of Religion Muhammad Diva Almadani
29. Hifzil Qur’an Competition 1 2016 Province Provincial Ministry of Religion Sayed Muhammad Yusuf
30. Tilawah competition 1 2016 City SMAN 1 BJM Karin Ivana VIII B
31. Tilawatil Qur’an competition 1 2016 Province PW Muhammadiyah Kal-Sel Sayed Muhammad Yusuf
32. Tilawatil Qur’an competition 1 2016 Province PW Muhammadiyah Kal-Sel Muhammad Diva Almadani

33. Tilawatil Qur’an competition 2 2016 Province PW Muhammadiyah Kal-Sel Nirsa Ismi Alamanda

34. Kalimantan Physic Competition
2 2016 Province Lambung Mangkurat University M. Nurhafiz Sidiq

35. Tahfidz Qur’an competition 3 2016 City MA Plus Al-Hamid Sayed Muhammad Yusuf

36. Lomba Cerdas Cermat Tingkat SMP Sederajat
1 2016 City SMA N 1 Banjarmasin
Ririn Indriani Rizkyi Dimas, Kharisma P.S

37. Lomba Cerdas Cermat Tingkat SMP Sederajat
2 2016 City SMA N 1 Banjarmasin
Oktria Fani, kana Setyarani, Jonathan Bayu S

38. Story Telling SMASH English Competition
2 2016 City SMA N 1 Banjarmasin
Andra Bed

39. Water Ski Un der Boys Slalom Sunter Terbuka
1 2017 National Sunter Terbuka jakarta
M. Ady Murtadho

40. Lomba PBB dan Variasi Tingkat SMP sederajat
2 2017 Province SMA N 5 Banjarmasin

41. Lomba PBB dan Patroli Keamanan Sekolah tingkat SMP Kategori
3 2017 Province Polresta Banjarmasin

42. O2SN Tingkat SMP Karate Kumite Putra
1 2017 City The education office of the city Mochtasarul Arjuna Perdana

43. O2SN Tingkat SMP Atletik Putra
2 2017 City The education office of the city Satria Rahmat W.

44. FLS2N Tingkat SMP Vocal Solo
1 2017 City The education office of the city Aisha Amalf a VII G

45. FLS2N Tingkat SMP Baca Puisi
1 2017 City The education office of the city Dwi Rahmawati

46. FLS2N Tingkat SMP Solo Gitar
2 2017 City The education office of the city M. Aqil Athaillah

47. DBL Honda Basket Tingkat SMP
2 2017 Province Honda DBL

48. Kejuaraan Futsal Pesona Modem Cup
4 2017 Province Pesona Modern

49. Lomba Drumb Band Tingkat SMP
3 2017 Province SMKN 1 Banjarmasin

50. In 1St Borneo Karate International Open Tournament
1 2017 Province Lemkari Kal- SetL
Anidya Inaya Herman

51. SMADA Basket Ball Competition
2 2017 Province SMA N 2 Banjarmasin

52. Festival Kreasi Bans Berbaris IX I
1 2017 Province SMKN 1 martapura

53. Lomba Danton Terbaik LKPBB
3 2017 Province SMA N 7 Banjarmasin

54. PBB Terbaik LKPBB SMP Sederajat Pulra
3 2017 Province SMA N 7 Banjarmasin

55. Formasi dan Variasi terbaik LKPBB SMP Sederajat
3 2017 Province SMA N 7 Banjarmasin

56. Lomba PMR Tingkat Madya Pertolongan Pertama
3 2017 Province SMA N 7 Banjarmasin

57. Lomba PMR Tingkat Madya Tandu Cepat
3 2017 Province SMA N 7 Banjarmasin

58. Lomba PMR Pertolongan Pertama Tim B
1 2017 Province SMA N 1 Banjarmasin

59. Lomba PMR P3K Tim A
3 2017 Province MAN 1 Banjarmasin

60. Lomba PMR P3K Tim B
1 2017 Province MAN 1 Banjarmasin

61. Lomba PMR Pendidikan Remaja Sebaya
1 2017 Province MAN 1 Banjarmasin

62. Lomba PMR Pertolongan Pertama
1 2017 Province SMA N 12 Banjarmasin

63. Lomba PMR Tandu Cepal
3 2017 Province SMA N 12 Banjarmasin

64. Lomba PMR se Kal-Sel Perto- longan Panama
1 2017 Province SMA N 6 Banjarmasin

65. Lomba PMR Pendidikan Remaja Sebaya se Kalsel Tingkat Madya
2 2017 Province SMA N 6 Banjarmasin

66. Lomba PMR Duta Kepalang Merahan
3 2017 Province SMA N 6 Banjarmasin

67. Lomba PMR Tingkat Madya se Kal-Sel
JUARA UMUM 2017 Province SMA N 6 Banjarmasin

68. Lomba PBB dan variasi tingkat SMP Sederajat
2 2017 City SMA N 5 Birn

69. Pendidikan Remaja Tingkat Madya
2 2017 Province SMA N 2 Banjarmasin

70. Lomba Paduan Suara Mars PMR Tingkat Madya
1 2017 Province SMA N 2 Banjarmasin

71. Lomba menggambar tentang Lestarikan Alam untuk air tingkat SD/SMP
3 2018 Province Dinas PU
Riska Tiara Junita

72. Lomba menggambar tentang Lestarikan Alam untuk air tingkat SD/SMP
1 2018 Province Dinas PU
Amelia Shanty

73. Lomba Tari Radap Rahayu
2 2018 Province SMKN 5 Bjm

74. FLS2N kategori gitar solo
1 2018 City Diknas Kota

75. FLS2N kategori menyanyi solo
3 2018 City Diknas Kota

76. Lomba Paskibra SG PBB Cakrawala Part 2 Tingkat SMP/MTS
2 2018 Province SMA N 1 Bjm

77. Lomba Paskibra SG PBB Cakrawala Part 2 kategori kostum terbaik tingkat SMP/MTs
1 2018 Province SMA N 1 Bjm

78. O2SN Bulutangkis putri
2 2018 City Disdik Kota
Aisyah Suci

79. O2SN Renang putra
1 2018 City Disdik Kota
M. Arsyad

80. O2SN Karate putri
3 2018 City Disdik Kota
Anidya Inayah

M. List of types of extra-curricular activities, the name of the builder and the time of exercise
No Activities Name Of Teacher Day Time










Karya Ilmiah Remaja

English Club


Music, dance and art

– Badminton
– Volly Ball
– Basket
– Football
– PBB/Paskibra


Marching Band

Vocal dan Band

Maulid Al Habsy 1. Drs. M. Syauqi
2. Hj. Harniyanti, M.Pd

Diah Elmawati, M.Pd.Si

Nurul Herliani, S.Pd

Amat Sanusi, M.Pd

Hj. Titin Kurniati, S.Pd

1. Syaripuddin, S.Pd
2. Rahmani, S.Pd
3. Delly Wildan J, S.Pd

Eky Naningtyas, S.Pd

Sunardi, M.Pd

Ahmadi, S.Pd

H. Damiri, S.Ag Saturday





Monday Tuesday wednewsday
Sunday morning




Saturday 11.00-13.30










Banjarmasin, May 2018

Drs. H. Gt. Khairurrahman, M.Pd NIP.
1002 19650805 199412

In here, is the teaching methods used by the SMP 1 Negeri school.

SMP 1 Negeri uses the television which is inside in each classrooms and also projectors as their learning materials and innovation when they are about to have the discussion. I can say that their source of learning and technology is that, students are allowed to use their mobile data on their phones in helping them understand their lessons. Like for example if they are going to search some information about their topics. Books is also one of their source of learning. But actually books is more important in their learning process because all of the information in their class discussion is in the book. When it comes to authentic assessment of this hschool, after the class discussion, while it takes time and effort to plan and carry out authentic assessments, they are very rewarding for both the student and the teacher. When teachers first begin using them with a new class, they should expect some challenges and work through them as best they can. With repeated use of authentic assessment, teachers and students will become more comfortable with the process and come to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from completing holistic projects.

This is the curriculum that they are using.


And here we begin!!!

Before anything else, they started the day with their flag ceremony. And after that the Vice Principal introduces us to the students and teachers.

It seems that the students are so excited to meet both of us inside their classrooms.

We also have a conversation to the teachers about the subjects we are going to teach and who will be our cooperating teacher. Its good to meet all of them. And I am so very overwhelmed the way they treat us. It feels like we are very welcome in their country and also in their school.

After our conversation they let us tour inside the campus in order for us to familiarized the places inside the campus.

Ms. Herniyanti’s Economic class is the first grade I have observed. Before they start the class they are doing the greeting first and then have some recap about what did they tackle yesterday. I can see that the materials being used during the class is books, the whiteboard and whiteboard marker. After having their review, Ms. Herniyanti started to discuss about their new topic. The way which Ms. Yanti could measure the cognitive skills and listening skills of each students is that, she is giving a group activity where the students can share their ideas and relate with each other. And as what I can see they listen attentively and also participating the discussion. It looks like they are very interesting for the topic. Even if I can’t understand what they are saying I’m still listening to the discussion. So these are some photos I took.

See you tomorrow SMP1.

And this is another day of my observation. Mr. Rahmad’s Economic class in grade 7 is my second observation class. As what I have observed, it is hard to control the noise of those students. In their class, Mr. Rahmad gave them a group activity which is they are going to draw the map.

Mr. Rahmad is an Economic teacher. He is also helping his students understand the task they are going to do.

The next class that I am going to observe is Mr. Amin’s Economic class which is in grade 9. In here, they are discussing about Japan or they called as “Jepang” in Bahasa.

What do you know about Japan? Yes, this country is one of the industrialized countries whose products have spread to various parts of the world. Every day we will definitely see motorized vehicles produced in Japan passing through our streets to the corners of the country. Note Where is Japan? Look at the map of Japan! Japan is located in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean.

These are the coverage of the topic that Mr. Amin’s discussing.

The country borders on the west with North Korea, South Korea and Russia. To the north bordering the Okhsto Ocean of the Pacific Ocean and to the south of the East and Sea of the Philippines. Astronomically and 128 ° BT-146BT. These are some discussions that have been included in class.

Chances are everywhere!

And that, I have given a chance to introduce my country(Philippines) to the students and I grab that opportunity where I can share some differences from Indonesia to Philippines.

In this, I let them see what Philippine money looks like. And they are so amazed with it is because its somewhat big from their money.

I also give them a chance to ask me some questions related to the Philippines. And you know what, I am so amazed because there is one student who asked me this “can you please translate it to english “kahit maputi na ang buhok ko” I was shocked because this is a lyrics of a most popular song in the Philippines. Then I asked him also why did he know that, and he answered because he knows how to sing it. And I was like,

See? This Indonesian student amazed me of his talent in singing the Filipino song in a very sweet tune of his voice and he really pronounce it very good.

And here we goooo !! In the process where I will be the teacher inside the class.

My procedures in teaching is that;

1st. Before I start my class I gave them first some motivaion in order for them to get energized about our class discussion.
2nd. Asked them what did they discuss yesterday in order for us to get some ideas what to do today.

3rd. Start our lesson proper by presenting a powerpoint in the class and start discussing it. The students will have to listen attentively because after that;

4th. Group activity will be given to them yo measure their learning skills and also cognitive skills.

In their group activity, they can share ideas and opinions about the topic we have been discussed.

I allowed them to use their phones by using the google translator so that they can translate Bahasa to English.

After that, I gave them a chance to discuss their answers to their classmates by having a group report.

After the reporting, I also told them to ask some questions to the reporter related to their report. Through that, there will be an enlightenment in their minds, and problems will be solved.

By the way, when it comes to my classroom management, if my students are not listening to me anymore because thhey are also discussing to their classmates, I am not competing with their noises instead, I just stand up, keep quiet and stared at them. In that case, if they notice that I am not talking anymore they will just simply shut their mouth and stared at me. See? It’s simple. This strategy is not giving you any stress in disciplining your students.


And this moment, is my final demo.

I feel a little bit nervous because there will be an evaluator inside my class. But I know I can do this. Because you can do everything if you start “BELIEVING”.

My topic is about “United states of America”. Attach here is my lesson plan.

Before we start our lesson proper, I gave them a activity which is “Scrambled Word” in this, they are going to group themselves and arrange the given letters written on the contruction paper.

And now the lesson proper. In this topic we are going to tackle its location, climate, shape of the earth, geology, flora and fauna and the population mortality.

I used my laptop and the projector to be my learning materials.

After our discussion, I gave then another group activity where they can relate it to their actual life.

Their group activity composed of these questions:

1. Search the latest population of United States.

2. In your own opinion, differentiate Indonesia to United States.

And here is some answers fro my students.

They answer it using Bahasa and also translated it to English.

I also gave them an individual assessment to enhance their cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

And theses are the results of their assessment.

Almost all of them got the highest score so far. In that matter, I can say to myself that I am one of the effective teachers.

By the way, I would like to introduce from the left side mr. Rahmad my cooperating teacher and the other one Mr. Monry my evaluator.

I want to extend my gratitude to Mr. Rahmad for being their always to guide me during my classes. And for letting me believe that there in no impossible if you really want to reach your goals. For supporting me everyday during my classes.

And also to Mr. Monry for being my critic and for telling me what I need to do to improve my teaching strategies. For believing me that I can do good in everything. This really serves as my challenge in my student teaching year. This opportunity helped me boost my confidence, improve my communication skills and most especially this taught me on how to be an effective future teacher. I know this is not the end, rather this is a new beginning for me.!!


This is the result of my evaluation.


The purpose of this practicum is to emphasize the importance of learning by doing. In this, students can transfer their knowledge to actual work. It really helps me a lot to be more condfident in the way that I can enhance my skills in teaching. Also this gave us a chance to be more globally competitive.
It really provides us an opportunity to conduct our practicum in other Asian countries.


My journey begins in such an amazing experience. Being alone to travel makes you more independent. A person who can make every hard situation an easy one.

As I travel alone, I can see myself having a good and strong faith in my own ability.

In this, my journey will begin. Touch down Banjarmasin!

To be part of this program is truly a blessing. We are not only given a chance to meet the new learning environment, but also we have given a chance to travel international.

This is the best spot 😊😁.

To be happy does not only mean acquire happiness but also to feel it.

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

People always wanna come back into your life when they see you looking good or doing good without a team.

The happiest people don’t have everything. They make the best of everything they have.

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.

To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it.

Your failure does not define you, your determination does.

And this, the farewell will begin. Universitas Lambung Mangkurat gave as simple yet memorable party for all of us. In here, we share our experiences about their culture, traditions and also the foods.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of being.